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Animals in the Church

CHILDRENS TRAIL - Walk around the church in search of animals. Some are in plain sight, some more hidden. From eagles to lions, from tortoise to lamb. Follow a mini safari trail and see how many you can find.

Animals in the Church

Fri 6 & Sun 8 - Sun 15: 10am - 4pm, Sat 7: 10am - 2pm

A church can appear to be a forbidding place. For a child it could be huge, cold and unfriendly. This trail tries to make the space more approachable. Let’s focus on the not so obvious. Look beyond the pews and the pulpit. Instead of the big space, the small creature. There are lions here. Some sitting, some standing. Is that a tortoise? What is that bird holding in it’s beak? Could it be a fish? Find an eagle, this can hold a book but what animals are holding it up? They are very worn out: they must be old. Have we seen animals like this in our gardens? There are so many beasts here. Some are real, some in our imagination. These creatures welcome us into this place and make it more familiar. They make us want to explore further.

This runs in association with with 'Voices in the Church'. Something for all the family.

Historical Society

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