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Private Resistance

EXHIBITION - A rehearsed reading of Private Resistance. An intriguing look at an alternative history and Churchill’s secret guerilla army, ready to go underground and fight behind the lines in the event of Nazi invasion.

Private Resistance

Sat 14: 7:30pm

Private Resistance is a thrilling tale of the so-called Auxiliary Units, Churchill’s secret guerilla army who would have gone underground to fight behind the lines.

Events in a quiet village in wartime England take a fascinating, fictional turn as an unlikely group of residents - a local farmer, a keen boy scout, a young recruit to the women’s ATS, a local gamekeeper, and the wife of the village doctor - all find themselves living under Nazi occupation and each employing their own methods of battling the enemy.

With this thought-provoking play, writer Ivan Cutting shows how conflict and upheaval can force the most unlikely characters together. Regardless of age, class or gender, in the face of war these individuals gradually learn to work alongside each other in a common pursuit…the pursuit of freedom.

This play was first produced by Eastern Angles Theatre Company. Writer and Director - Ivan Cutting, Artistic Director of the Company for 40 years.

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