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Junction of Redenhall Road and Station Road

The junction of Station Road and Redenhall Hall was the scene of a tragic accident on 26th March 1904. Driver Frederick William White (aged 18) of 1st Norfolk Royal Garrison Artillery died when his horse drawn gun carriage collided with a lamppost after the horses bolted.

As the equipage came down Station Road the two lead horses passed one side of this lamppost that stood at the centre of the road where it joined Redenhall Road whilst the wheelers tried to go the other way. The impact of the collision brought the runaways to an abrupt halt and overturned the wagon although their momentum flattened both the lamppost and the post box with its supporting masonry. It also hurled White from his saddle into the bar of the lamp post, and then under the wagon. The terrified horses having been halted were now held steady and young White was ‘drawn from beneath the wagon . . . his injuries were of the most terrible nature. One side of his face had been torn away, his jaw was smashed, and his neck broken’.

Captain Robinson, who was in charge of the Battery at this Parade, had White taken to his Surgery (across the road at Candlers) but White died within a minute or two of his removal and seven minutes of the accident, it later being stated both skull and jaw were fractured the latter in three places.


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