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Site of the RAF Wellington Bomber Crash

The roadside at Jays Green/Briar Farm field. The site where the RAF Wellington bomber crashed and all six aircrew were killed.

It was during the middle of World War Two that the Mark III Wellington Bomber X3643 from 9 Squadron RAF Honington was part of an operation of 9 Aircraft that were tasked for an attack target on Essen in Germany.

The aircraft took off on this operational flight from RAF Honington at 2008 hrs on 9th March 1942 and it was only some 41 minutes later at 2049 hrs that it was requesting a return to base due to engine trouble. A short while after, it was heard by the Bungay Observer Corps Post running on one engine and then by the Harleston Observer Corps Post who heard it circle the town and finally saw it crash in flames at 2121 hrs in the vicinity of Briar Farm and Jays Green. It was only in the air for a total of 1 hour 14 minutes.


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