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Mayflower Lectures

A series of lectures celebrating the Mayflower story were presented. These began in the local Freemasons Lodge with a world premiere of a new Mayflower DVD in December 2019. They then moved to St John's Church for a presentation on 'A Family from Harleston, The Fullers' in January 2020 by Chair of the local Historical Society, Margaret Griffiths, followed by 'The City of London - Guilds and Merchants' in February 2020 by London Blue Badge Guide, Chris Green.

Covid then intervened. However unperturbed, we persevered and moved our presentations online.

Tour of Rotherhithe on 15 October 2020, Chris

St Mary’s Redenhall - a Battleground of Beliefs on 17 December, Gordon

The Two Mayflowers on 21 January, Geoff

Meet Old Harleston on 18 February, Gordon

The Making of America's Foundation Myth on 15 April 2021, Rita

Transatlantic Print on 20 May 2021, UEA

Transatlantic Rebellions on 17 June 2021, UEA


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