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Mayflower Moments

In 1620 the Mayflower ship sailed to America taking a group of passengers who would become known as the Pilgrims. These are revered as the founding fathers of America as we know it today. ​Harleston played a role in this significant chapter in world history.

There were a mere 102 passengers on board the Mayflower ship, and four of them came from Harleston. These were members of the local Fuller family.

There were only 41 signatories to the the legal document, created to establish their rules of governance. This was called the ‘Compact’ and became the foundation for the American Constitution. Two of the signatories were from Harleston, Samuel and Edward Fuller. You may see references to them in street names.

The museum houses a continual display to recognise the contribution the Fuller family of Harleston played in the Mayflower story, and the creation of what we know as America today.


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