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WWI Tablecloth

Inscribed by wounded soldiers, nurses, staff and others at The Red Cross Hospitals in Harleston, Norfolk during the first World War 1914-1918.

A unique piece of World War One history has recently been discovered in Harleston, a three- foot square linen tablecloth, signed by many soldiers who stayed at the two Red Cross hospitals in the town between 1914-1918. They have written their names and service details in ink which can still be clearly seen; the tablecloth is like an international autograph book with signatures from many countries including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Australia and France.

The tablecloth, which has survived remarkably well and is thought to be quite rare, has been professionally conserved by Norwich Museums Service, ensuring that from time to time it can be displayed safely, and will be seen by future generations.

The tablecloth is on display on the Council Offices where a special exhibition will be on display as part of the Heritage Open Days 2024.


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